Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the spirit of Satya Sanatana Hindu Vedic Dharma in the present (Kali) age of the decline of the Dharma through the divine teachings of Her Holiness Matashree Kalyani. Matashree's teaching is basically directed towards the true spiritual development of the mankind on the basis of the values of Vedic Sanatana Dharma.Especially focussed on veneration to the pitri(deceased ancestors ).

The service to the Pitri being the utmost important in this perspective to safeguard true spirituality and enlightenment. Matashree repeatedly stresses on compassionate welfare to the beings that have already attained death and exist in the intermediate realm. Unless the new generations revere and oblate the previous generation (ancestors) the wheel of Dharma (Dharmachakra according to Buddhist philosophy) does not revolve righteously. Therefore, correct religious practices in the world only can produce auspicious influences in the life of beings on earth. This Dharma Chakra is represented in the hindu culture by one of the world's oldest symbol, the right facing Swastika having four arms which indicates the four Yugas: Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali. It's one half is also known as the Brahma's day (the heaven like earthy righteous governance represented by Satya and Treta Yuga). The other half known as Brahma's night (the hellish earthy unrighteous condition  represented by the Dwapara and Kali Yuga). The former age of virtue correspond to purified aspect of five elements on earth therefore resulting in balanced climatic cycles, harmony in life, productivity of earth, peace and purity. feminine sprituality governs this phase. Whereas the latter  represents the decline of such virtues and results in rapid growth of egoistic wars, diseases, corruption, diseases and epidemics, climate change,earthquakes,tsunami,flood,landslides,storms,fire, world hunger, pollution and destruction of nature as well as human values and virtues.

The rise of militant masculine force over compassionate and gentle feminine force on earth is the cause of the global imbalance. Feminine spirituality encompases motherly nourishment to both the feminine and masculine nature (Shiva Shakti) of life. With this nurturing aspect of life the global governance is expected to self balance. Therefore to re-establish the lost vision of humanity and the virtue of charity and practicality of life is again needed to be revived to set  a divine example in the society. 

Protection of Sanatana Vedic Hindu culture,cow protection(she being the universal nourisher) establishing of gurukula, orphanage, preserving the natural environment, purification of polluted environment and biodiversity through havan, Pitri sewa, non-violence based philosophy, ritual purity in worship and Puja, Manav arati for the empowerment of humanity, naagadevata samrakshana, refuge for the aged (Vridhasram management) and publicity of Shivashakti Jagatjanani's spiritual teaching, facilitating the devotees of Her Holiness in the ashram, organic food style/lifestyle development, correction of social evils, working for national, international and social benefit, support to the helpless and needy, facilitating Matashree's message at the national and international level, conducting program on holy and auspicious occasions (Parva), providing spiritual refuge to those desiring to live a life of celibacy (Kumar/Kumari) as well as to the saints, Sadhus, Matas and Yogis in the ashram, facilitating secular and spiritual education, health services and also vocational programs to the needy etc. are the social and religious activities  of the institution taken as serious consideration.

The Scientific study and indigenous cultural co-relations reflect highly enlightening aspects of Matashree Kalyani's teachings and divinity of the ancient cultural stratigraphy of the world among different indigenous communities reveal strong reflection of Goddess culture around the globe in the past. Overtime the nature worshipping practices declined sharply with the commencement of masculine spiritual philosophiy and much later due to highly materialistic and aggressive industrial revolution worldwide. The philosophy and worship culture of Panchayan Devata matrix was interweaven in the previous age. The Great Divine Mother Father Culture of the world was a reflection of Shiva Shakti veneration being it the central axis (Meru) of the Vedic Philosophy. The Symbolism of Shivashakti survived in China as Ying Yang. Modern science understand it as entropy/dystrophy theory. these aspects of global culture need further study.