The wisdom of the Pitri:  the wisdom of the gods.

 Our Philosophy is grounded in the reality of life from spiritual and social perspective. Life ought to be understood in spiritual dimension. The society ought to be enhanced and  nourished holistically through the guidance drawn from this wisdom. Now, it is known that the spiritual and physical life work together in unison. Unfortunately, modern scientific world can understand only the physical aspect of life which is a disabling and an incomplete knowledge. Further and higher wisdom out to be sought.

The Wisdom of Pitri: Jagat Janani Mata Shree Kalyani continuously stresses on the Pitri (the decreased ancestors) aspects although in modern materialistic age one can scarcely grasp its deep  and subtle significance. The teachings of Her Holiness basically rest on the service and devotion to the Pitri . It is through their grace that the decedents flourish, prosper and develop in virtue towards  higher spiritual achievements.

This is a highly challenging teaching, a blow to both the physical and spiritual doctrines existing in the modern world. The physical and materialistic philosophy teaches humankind to live in the life of sense world and physical comfort only. On the other hand, the existing spiritual philosophies blindfold people to cultivate certain belief patterns that isolate one practitioner from other spritual belief systems. In this way people tend to pervert into a sectarian and even racist way of life. Furthermore, the continuous exploitation of mother nature is going on and on in this industrial era jeopardizing the earth's natural balance. Pollution, climate change, earthquakes, exhaustion of natural resources ,etc. are few of the crises born of anthropomorphic ( human centered) activities whereas communal hatred, terrorism,religious fanatism, aggression, intolerance etc are born of singularity in belief, faith and religion. Such endless problems articulated by human centered and belief centered egoistic philosophy is hard to be corrected. pitr veneration will pave away to solution.

 Amidst today's catastrophic and dualistic worldview Matashree Kalyani's crucial message for humankind is to serve the ancestors (the dearly departed ones) and to physically serve the present struggling generation of those ancestors. This simple but deeply divine message is the greatest gift for today's mankind. Any wise or true person can seriously realize it and live a life guided by such philosophy that never came forth from any saints and spiritual leaders of the past. Again, humankind at present is in a critical phase of global conflict and psychological illusion. Mother Goddess Mata Shree Kalyani's message only can be the ultimate and real doctrine for the misguided people on earth. This shall be the path of the 21st Century towards the reunion of the old and the new world, for the ultimate enlightenment for the human kind.