Non Voilance ( AHIMSA)

In plain language Matashree sheds light on the virtues of non violence and vegetarian way of life. Not only she enlightens her devotes with deep wisdom during her preaching sessions, it is repeatedly experienced that she shed tears of compassions towards the innocent animals killed for human food, enjoyment, rituals and all such folly. Greed and illusion rule in the present day among the hardened society which is making her Holiness deeply uncomfortable.

Our non-violence awareness mission is to promote ahimsa and sanctity of life and nature. At the same time environmental protection, appropriate oblations, consecration, chanting, and benediction, dedication to the Gods and Pitri for the welfare of all life in the planet are some of the fundamental  devotional service needful in the modern world. We would like to flag alertness that most of the animal right campaigns in Nepal are sponsored and funded by some foreign countries with a motive to denounce our gods, culture and sublime traditions targeting ashrams saints and temples to further weaken them. Their mission is to defame and desecrate our culture. Protecting Vedic mission for global welfare along with right values therefore seems a challenging task.

She warns everyone that violence had been the biggest crime in the world. Killing innocent animal is about accumulating great sin she clarifies." No Mother Goddess would tolerate to see her own children die. Mother Goddess has never asks for blood. Instead she wants peace harmony, truth, love and auspiciousness for all.Mata Kalyani never accepts violence among the life that rexist",she declares . To spread the message of Kalyan Bhavana (auspiciousness) to the society around the world is what true human value is. Furthermore, to strengthen and to popularize her teaching to the blood hungry population Om Shivashakti Kalyani Kendra looks forward for worldwide vegetarian unity and global non-violence movement at the institutional and public level both.