Books, DVDs, CDs etc can be ordered but convenient payment and delivery system being yet to be developed, the procedure may not be so efficient for the time being. Our aim is to publish wide varieties of literatures and circulate knowledgeable informations among the devotees so that true spirituality and Matashree's teaching may spread around the world for the enlightenment of humankind. one can obtain materials through contacts with the devotees as well as through our centres.

Furthermore, educating modern disoriented young generation towards harmonious ancestral veneration is what the organization envisions. Re-education among the young generation is therefore important.

Title: पितृकल्याण विज्ञान Title:परिचय  Title: देवी पार्वतिको महिमा
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Title: आरती सङ्‌ग्रह Title: देवी पार्वतीको महिमा Title: महिमा
Price:100 Price:150 Price:
Type: CDs Type: CDs Type: CDs