Goddess Culture

Unlike what is indoctrinated by Darwin, human being did not seem to evolve from monkeys.  The teachings of Her Holiness Kalyani reveal past glory of divine power on earth. Human being gradually came into existence as gods  of the righteous  age started  deteriorating and disappearing from the earth. The foremost Buddhist Scholar of the present time, Rahul Sankirtayan also agrees to it in his book Kinnar desh mein mentioning that gods dwelled in the abode of certain Himalayan region before human settlements developed. Furthermore, the crusading period down in the European history was a great is mistake that ruling powers did to the Divine Faminine Culture of the European region. The masculine culture replaced the famine culture that ruled and nourished the earth. The masculine culture has been misguiding the human population towards industrialization militarization and militarization. And now we face the greatest threat of annihilation of life from earth due to the competition of the  nuclear weapons. We are not in the phase of development and civilization but in a state of collective mass destruction of life on earth. Competition, the masculine force has taken over compassion the feminine force, therefore the lost of balance due to spiritual malnourishment.

Mata Kalyani's teaching is directed towards making gods from an  ordinary man. The world needs this divine wisdom in the present era of development of nuclear warfare that is posing as a greatest threat to the world at large. Mata Shree even blames the human folly over nature, being overexploited mother earth caused the present disastrous earthquake in Nepal. Even before the earthquake, she always spoke of conscious nature of the earth below may somehow rebel against  the growing human vice in near future. And, eventually it did ! This statement again could be verified scientifically by the laws of modern quantum science, which assert  that our views actually affect the world.

We find ample evidences of the Goddess culture down in the history of civilization. From the Vedic/Upanisadic scriptures, the Tripitaka (Buddhist Scriptures), the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and various texts and the diverse cultures of the world contain multiple references of Goddess culture, nature worship and ancestral veneration in the remote past. Loosing this valuable wisdom, the world is falling into chaos and destruction in the name of so called technological development.