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An insight into charitable deeds:

No matter how noble the cause be propagation of the divine teaching and execution of works of charity in the modern society is not possible without funds. Therefore your financial support will be of great importance to our mission. The Manu Smriti says- 

"Donation is the only means of dharma (and righteous act) in the Kali Yuga."

Also The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita, the Dhammapada, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah all stress on charity and life of sacrifice for the  welfare  of the self and  the others.

"Life is transient, so strive for virtue and liberation" said Buddha.


"By donating for others welfare one secures good life and after life not only for oneself but for the welfare of the (previous) ancestors and future generation both" mention the ancient scriptures of the east.

In conclusion, world's major scriptures and saints of the past all have stressed on giving. The Mother earth has been giving us everything we needed. But have we done anything in return to enrich others life? This is a point to ponder if one really wants to progress spritually and materially both.