Our Mission

Spiritual counseling

Spiritual Counseling considers the Soul, rather than the minnd, as a crucial factor.The microsmic soul expands towards the macrocosmic universe, the world being a complex mystery also taking  into account the  belief systems, universal & personal energy systems, intuitive psychic realities, karmic interplay, subconscious and superconscious states of awareness, metaphysical experiences, spiritual metapthysics, spiritual presence and higher-self cosmic connections.

Spiritual Counseling brings in us a vision to sees that life is innately personal so that individuals becomes capable to build their own unique, flowing relationship with life, organically . With the Soul being the starting point individuals rise from the heart, whilst not forgetting their head,From this heart space they ought to care for the sacred interdependence of all life. Compassion for self and compassion for others should be the core concept for their personal and collective growth. As Spiritual Counselling is a holistic approach there  has to be  no separation, no duality between personal or collective responses and reactionas, as all is intrinsically linked. The awareness of life experiences become the greatest tool, with the integration of personal pains,happiness and personal journey ahead. The aim is for clients to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness and peception  using integrity with the wise use of their spiritual gifts, skills,experiences and knowledge.