Our Mission


The rituals of puja  is a form of the holy offering to the gods and ancestors which create benevolent atmosphere  around. Puja is conducted complimenting   with various natural element such as water, air, space, fire and earth through  the use of incense,fruits,water,cooked foods,sweets,cereals, herbs etc.  Together ,transformation happens among those who are the participants of the rituals through the synchrony of consciousness pervading the  realm.

Spiritual Counseling- Spiritual counseling has become more important and sometimes even urgent as today's materialistic lifestyle and viewpoints trample down the subtle  spiritual aspects of an individual, family and society. Every moment in life is an important phase and has link to the spiritual aspect of an individual, family and society from the present to the deep subconscious past. Every moment in the life is an important phase and has link to the   other worldly spiritual dimensions of the gods sprits and the deceased.

To look within(interospection) is an important aspect  as all spiritual realm is interconnected in one's subjective  center of being to attain altruistic objective results. Dhyan or meditation brings us closer in connection with gods, ancestors and divine laws of the universe. No spiritual progress is possible without meditative  insight. Mediation is the fundamental   aspects of the Rhisi Parampara down from the Vedic times.The meditative techniques of our organization basically is focused in ancestral lineages and DivineFaminine(Goddess Culture).