Our Mission

veneration to the deceased ancestors

Where are your deceased ancestors who loved you dearly and gave you this wonderful life? They exist or exist not? In which dimension do they exist? Are they happy and contended or are they still suffering? Are they in torment or are they tormenting others in revenge and discontenment? Are they happy with the later generations and therefore bless them? How are they to be known, felt and realized through wisdom, worship and experience? How are they to be oblated? What are the benefits of oblations to the Pitri?

 This is the greatest wisdom needed to be realized in the 21st century so that universal harmony could be re-established at the social level.Our first and foremost priority is to serve the Pitri, the dearly departed ancestors. This ancientmost spritual wisdom is lost from the world. Our effort is to make avail this sprituality to all for the sake of global peace and enlightenment . Such service is made available in our centre to any one or any family around the world irrespective to colour, creed, belief, sect, religion, sex or region.

The influence of the deceased ancestors have direct effect in the fate of the individuals, family or the decendants. Regular oblation, veneration and worship rituals together with the acts of charity help the Pitri in their disembodied and spiritual dimension towards further divine growth and spiritual journey. This also helps them to develop more benevolent influence upon their earthy relatives. Health, wealth, harmony, peace, progress and lifespan are some of the factors affected by the dearly departed ancestors.  Service to ancestors is the more important to any human being so that one gets an opportunity to pay off the debt they have helped us with in various forms right from our birth. Pitri service therefore is important in  a sense than serving  some form of God and following a defined religion  or faith. Daily and yearly oblations with charu (offering that pleases and nourishes the Pitri for peace and spiritual growth) to the Pitri are done so that favourable condition prevail in the life of the ritual performer. Our institutions give all such services to those who are in need.