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Sanatana Vedic Dharma Rakshya

"We should be grateful to the Hindus because hadn't they given us the knowledge of mathematics, no inventions in the world would have been possible".               

-          Albert Einstein


Nepal was the only Hindu country in the world. Unfortunately, in modern time it is made secular. Therefore preservation of Vedic Sanatana Dharma from the state level is dismissed. This will result in the gradual extinction and deterioration of the age old custom, culture, festivals, rituals, cultural sciences, and national identity/unity.

Our organization is dedicated in protection and promotion of the ancestral Rhisi culture that was passed down from generation to generation from the glorious past. The Vedic Culture had contributed immensely to the making of the civilizations of the world. By now western intellectuals have already realized the contribution of eastern cultures. But modern Nepali citizen are being swept away by the illusive wave of the western modernity. Therefore, it becomes a duty of the citizens of the world to protect Vedic culture for the sake of higher