About Us


Our method of environmental protection, purification and cleansing is an age old havan based parampara. In ancient time havan was performed additionally (apart from oblation to Gods and Pitri) to balance the climatic factors including climatic cycles, to purify  the pancha tattva (five elements) to improve agriculture and increased crop yield, to neutralize harmful epidemic bacteria/viruses and to ensure peace and prosperity in the environment by pacifying negative forces such as negative consciousness etc. Modern industrial activities has greatly damaged natural environment. Harmful and carcinogenic pollutants get added to the soil, water and atmosphere due to excessive burning of petro products. Harmful chemicals such as CFC (Chlorofloro carbon), carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (C02), Sulpher  Dioxide(S02) Lead, etc are accumulating in the atmosphere everyday. Modern science has failed to check the purity of natural environment. The ancient wisdom of havan by charu mixed in cow's ghee upon burning are known to undergo photo chemical decomposition giving rise to pollution fighting compounds such as formaldehyde, acetayldehyde, etc. which bond which  the polluting elements to neutralize them. The scientific validity of havan is known to have been verified by the experiments of Russian scientists such as Schirowich and Dr. Hoffkin. In the light of above evidence revival of ancient science is becoming an important organic technology to establish the lost natural harmony on earth.