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Being sacred, gentle and noble animal cow is considered divine in  the Hindu Society. Cow is the most useful animal on the earth from agricultural point of view. Our devotees involved in these field serve as catalyst for organic living in the modern society. Furthermore, cow's product milk and it's bi-products such as urine (gomutra) and cow dung are used in havan, puja, ritual and agriculture apart from milk and milk products as food for the great mass of people. Cow and bull had also been the central objects of veneration even in the ancient period from the Egyptian to Hellenistic civilization. Cow was venerated as goddess Hathur and bull as Apis in the Ancient Egypt whereas bull was considered sacred even in the ancient Hellenistic Culture. Cow and Ox serve as mother and father as they nourish the entire human population on earth through agriculture. Therefore the protection of cow is considered as very important effort at the global level from the  present and future perspective.