Her Holiness Jagat Janani Shiva Shakti Swarupa Matashree Kalyani

Jagat Janani Shiva Shakti Swarupa Matashree Kalyani- Her Holiness Jagat Janani Shivashakti Swarupa  Matashree Kalyani is popularly accepted as the Divine Mother incarnate in the Himalayan Country Nepal. Such belief in devotees arise out of metaphysical experiences that they pass through which otherwise is not perceivable to a general person. In this world, the diverse forms of Shakti (goddess) manifestation according to age cycle as indicated by the ancient Vedic Scriptures. To fulfil the divine purpose in the sacred land of austerity (tapobhumi) Nepal. Excavating different Jyotirlinga and gods/goddess  from below the earth,  with the tapobal  Matashree Kalyani has proved herself as ShivaShakti incarnation.

The following divine acts of Her Holiness justifies the divine personification.

  1. Kamadhenu- Jhule-3, Dolakha
  2. Kaleshwar Mahadeva Jyotirlinga- Jhanfe-6, Dolakha
  3. Pancheshwor Mahadeva Jyotirlinga- Kusunti, Lalitpur
  4. Kalyaneshwar Mahadeva Jyotirlinga- Thasikhel-14, Lalitpur
  5. Latalamveshwara Mahadeva Jyotirlinga, Sainbhu-3, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur (also Annapurneshvari Devi).
  6. Ananteshwora, Dhananteshvara Mahadeva Jyotirlinga- Guleria, Bardiya.
  7. Kameshwara Mahadeva Jyotirlinga, Kusunti-13, Lalitpur.
  8. Siddheshvara Mahadeva Jyotirlinga, Jhule-3, Dolakha.
  9. Kamadhenu Gaumata,Chakreshwora Jyotirlinga,and many other Gods and Goddess ,Kavrepalanchwok Araniko Highway53 k.m.(Beelbot Dham).

It is well known that the reality unfolds itself to a true and devoted seeker. Quantum physics of modern scientific era has also come to a conclusion that nature reveals itself according to its beholder. Truth appears in the likeness of perception one chooses to be. According to the law of spirituality mystical eye is granted only to the true devotees. The saints and seers of the past have disseminated wisdom through those realized few whose realization later got expanded among the multitude of people in course of time in history.

The Buddha, Mahavira, Sankaracharya Ramkrishna Paramhamsa, all had a very limited number of devotees in their life time. But with the passage of time countless people in later years across diverse geography have adhered desperately to the teachings expounded by the teachers of the corresponding era. To realize her teaching during her own life time is the fortunate aspect for the devotee of the present age. Therefore we expect many people to benefit from the holy grace from the Mother Goddess while she is still in the human body. Realization of her teachings occurs through the devotion and service dedicated to Her Holiness.

A Born in Dolakha, the lap of the auspicious Gauri Shankar Himalayas, she had shown her miraculous power right from her childhood days. She had the gifted vision and had identified places endowed with divine presence while still a three month child. Later in her life she further revealed sacred JyotirLinga from deep within the earth at Pancheshwor. She declares that stones and soils are endowed with consciousness and divinity.

ज्ञान लिएर बन ज्ञानी
नबन मानव अज्ञानी


Get wisdom and become ever wise,

Do not, Oh human! dwell in ignorance vice.

She further sings the song divine,

तेत्तीस कोटीको दर्शन एकै चोटी कसरी ?
ह्दयमा राख सद्गुरूलाई तिमी सधैंभरी ।


How to realize the thirty three crores of gods?

It is by accepting the divine guru in one's own heart.

As Shakti she always sings the glory of Lord Shiva ecstatically. Yet,she reveals Shiva's undifferentiated oneness with Lord Ram being ever inherent. In her words:

 जय राम श्री राम जय जय राम
मनको मन्दिरमा बस्छन भगवान् ।
हरने भरने उनै राम
पार लगाउँछ उनै भगवान् ।।


Hail Ram, Sri Ram Hail Hail Ram.

Gods resides in the heart- temple of all beings.

He deprives, he provides it's all always through him.

The Lord himself will truly liberate all suffering beings.

Most of her teachings are the manifestation of the ecstatic experiences which she occasionally passed through from early childhood life. The devotess too experience blissful presence of her Holiness unhindered even by the geographical distances across. Out of deep reverence the devotees pray for everlasting oneness with her at the lotus feet of her Holiness Matashree Kalyani.

David Kinsley writes: " A study of Hindu Goddesses is not much a study of one aspect of the Hindu tradition as  it is a study of the Hindu tradition itself."

Hinduism on one hand is vast and fathomless expanse of wisdom. Therefore complete grasp of the spiritual dimension within this realm is highly challenging and only few acquire the divine eye of realization. Goddesses are far more complex than what ordinary folks assume. Pleasing, fierce, frightening compassionate, nourishing, dispeller of obstacles etc various attributes make Goddesses mysterious.

The earth is a sacred planet in the universe. Further, some holier regions in it are more important than others. The tradition of pilgrimage therefore arose globally.

Nepal is a country of Shatipeeth located in the Himavata Khanda. Therefore the geographical cosmology of this country is both sacred and complex beyond the comprehension of an ordinary mind.

The influence of Gods and Goddesses in the Satya Yuga is popularly known through the local traditions as well as from the ancient scriptures. The sacred remains of the past divinity still exists in the archeological remains of the world making the land and its people ever blessed by the power of Goddess cultures of diverse civilizations in the history. In the present materialistic time of Kali Yuga the fortunate few (people) get the rare opportunity of realizing their devotion in connection with the Goddess forms in present age so is with Matashree Kalyani. The Himalayan spirituality is greatly shaped by the Goddess Culture down from the remote past. The Influence of the Divine Feminine enriched the regions further away transcending the Himalayan Regions as well. The Faminine Mystique also links in ancient China, Japan, Korea and other oriental countries. The west was shaped enormously by the Greco-Roman Goddess culture which was also an influence from the Egyptian civilization again is on off shoot from the Eastern countries encompassed by the Himavat Khanda.

Thomas Cleary writes-

"The Chinese Ch'an lore of the T'ang dynasty (619-906), when women were comparatively free, featured both nuns and lay women who foster the progress of Ch'an by stumping overly intellectual monks and deflating the egos of pedants and Zealots. Some of these stories are immortalized in classical collections of Koans, literary tableaus designed to provoke, reflect or test various facets and levels of Ch'an consciousness.

Most of the Laywomen are peasants, often supporting themselves as small time entrepreneur, particularly preparing and selling refreshments on pilgrimage routes. This type of occupation enabled them to meet people from all classes of humanity and the spiritual awakenings of some of the most famous Ch'an masters in history came from the conversations with these women.

The T'ang dynasty is commonly considered the golden age of Ch'an as well as an apex of Chinese cultural history. The Ch'an lore of those times became the foundation for Ch'an revival of the following Sung dynasty (960-1278), also circulating in Korea and later in Japan."

These references shed light on Famine mysticism and spirituality prevailing in the ancient and medieval China.

Therefore the cultural climaxes attained by these Asian countries were in fact heaved equally by the women of those times. Further, women in the ancient times were known for their bravery in venturing into dynamic forms of spiritual austerity (tapasya) unlike to psychological stagnancy and vice of luxury dependency that crept in today's womenfolk. Etymologically, the Chinese term Ch'an is in fact derived from Sanskrit root Dhyan, meaning meditation. All feminine divinity (Goddesses) of the Hindu pantheon are associated with Dhyan, a characteristic feature and deed of Shakti Parvati of the golden age, Satya Yuga. Parvati's tapasya is related to the enlightenment of not just of the goddesses of higher and lower realms but also of the earthly feminine, the mortals as well.Overtime, the teaching of Matashree have spread far and wide in Nepal and other countries as well.